J.M. Irrigation played a pivotal role during the building of the Arboretum of South Barrington—a 50-acre upscale retail site. J.M. Irrigation aided on every step of the landscaping process from conception to installation and completion. The irrigation system used includes a variety of innovative watering technologies. Weather driven on site control systems, efficient spray nozzles, and standard irrigation heads along a two wire control path and bubblers and drip line was included in this site’s system.

The Arboretum’s irrigation system is fed from a 1000’ well that was drilled to satisfy irrigation needs. Contained within a weathertight, climate controlled building, the variable feed drive well can produce as much as 200 gallons of water per minute, while also supplying small bubbler zones with as little as 5 gallons per minute.

The primary water feed is taken from the well throughout the site via 4” PVC loop. Spreading out from there, the system is controlled via an innovative two-wire control system. The irrigation system includes every innovative component available at the time. This includes Hunter 1-20 rotor heads that tackle a large area of turf, and 4” Hunter Pro-Sprays that cover the interior turf areas.

The initial plantings were irrigated with 12” spray heads, making use of Hunter MPR rotator nozzles for large planting beds. The Hunter drip line along with Hunter bubblers were used in raised planters and shrub hedge rows. The system’s unique valves were designed with pressure regulation, in addition to each spray head installed, allowing complete and consistent coverage regardless of how small or large the zones are.

The efficiency of the system relied on the Hunter ACC control panels and the seamlessly integrated Solar Sync weather based control systems. Each controller monitors everything from humidity, rainfall, temperature and are even tuned into historical weather patterns allowing for automatic adjustments in the irrigation—savings thousands of gallons of water each year, while maintaining a healthy landscape.

J.M. Irrigation has maintained this complex, yet innovative irrigation system and has aided in seamlessly monitoring the new technology from the start. As a result, the Arboretum has proven to be water efficient to the greatest degree, making room for an attractive, sustainable landscape.