New Installations

Regardless of project scale, JM Irrigation offers custom design/build systems that are based solely on the project needs of their clients.

System Maintenance

JM Irrigation specializes in everything from inspections to start-ups, winterizations and maintenance of systems.

System Additions and Modifications

Increasing efficiency and adjusting coverage are two of the ways JM Irrigation works with existing systems to ensure client’s budgets and objectives are met.

RPZ Certification

JM Irrigation’s licensed plumbers are certified to perform annual RPZ Backflow testing and certification, as required by Illinois State Law.

Water Conservation

The Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor at JM Irrigation readily provides audits on existing systems by infusing the latest technology to reduce water use by 25-50%, and as a result, reduce costs.

Fountains & Aerators

Regardless if they are installing aerators for oxygen integration or providing a fountain installation purely for decorative reasons, JM Irrigation provides the ideal size fountain or aerator for a wide variety of needs.


JM Irrigation can install or repair a variety of low voltage, LED outdoor lighting systems to meet landscape lighting needs and provide safety lighting.

Types of Jobs

Water harvesting, WiFi Controllers, Roof Top, Pump Station and much more.