Northern Illinois University began an overhaul of its Intramural Sports recreation area on the west side of its campus in 2013. The University was focused on creating a sustainable, healthy turf that would be ideal for a constant onslaught of soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball and softball players. The University was determined to secure a synthetic turf that would be able to handle an impressive demand.

J.M. Irrigation was commissioned to assist in installing the underground irrigation piping for two multi-purpose fields. Construction began in fall of 2012, and after the final grading and soil amendments had been completed, the irrigation system was ready to be installed. J.M. Irrigation installed Hunter’s I25 sports field irrigation heads. The University’s goal for complete irrigation installation was set for just prior to the winter season. In order to accomplish this goal, each field needed to be dormant seeded allowing the grass seeds plenty of time to germinate under a blanket of snow.

After the last winter snowfall had melted, J.M. Irrigation was able to see how the seedlings faired over winter. J.M. Irrigation also installed efficient irrigation heads and nozzles to allow for the planting of beds and turf areas around the Welcome Center.

All irrigation systems were designed to be controlled by a VFD control station uniquely designed for the system along with satellite based controllers that are adjusted according to actual weather conditions.

Today, J.M. Irrigation’s handiwork can be viewed in person by visiting the campus.