Silver Cross Hospital built an entirely new complex in New Lenox, on 1355 and 180, and was in need of an advanced irrigation system. J.M. Irrigation was requested to completely redesign the campus—which now has two fully automatic irrigation systems.

The Landscape Architect opted for sustainable plant species which could thrive in an environment without additional irrigation. J.M. Irrigation’s task was to design a system that would irrigate drought susceptible turf while providing water to parking lot island plants to ensure they would flourish even in rough conditions.

To begin the process, Hunter PGP Rotors and Hunter Pro Spray spray heads were used to install the turf areas, with all of them being controlled by pressure regulation. Since no sustainable water source was available, the system was fed by two portable water sources, with one on the north and south side of the campus.

Next, J.M. Irrigation circled the entire campus to connect the two systems. Separated by an isolation valve, the system allows water to feed areas from the opposite side of the campus when needed. Additionally, two ACC decoder controllers were installed to monitor and adjust the systems. Finally, the whole irrigation system was connected with two-wire technology to save on labor and material.

One of the largest obstacles for the Silver Cross Hospital project was the budget. Limited funding for the exterior required J.M. Irrigation to get creative in designing a system that utilized new technology and efficient installation methods. The task was completed, and the massive campus grounds today enjoy green and healthy grass and sufficient irrigation for even the harshest of conditions. The project was completed on time and under budget.